Task force, mobilize know-how

Marine Engineering

XP Sea carefully selects, among its partners, the skills that are tailored to your project and manages them to ensure its success.

During the tendering, front-end engineering or basic design phases, XP Sea provides you with naval architecture, hydrodynamics, structural analysis and mooring engineering services carried out by domain specialists.

The engineering process adheres to ISO 9001 standards, in particular for deliverables control.

Our services

Front-end Engineering or Basic Design phases
Machinery and propulsion
Wind Propulsion
Naval architecture
General Arrangement
Stability and freeboard
Structural design and calculation
Ship drag resistance
CFD calculations
Lifesaving and fire safety
Hull and machinery piping networks
Mooring and Anchoring Calculations

The strengths of the task force

Management of a carefully chosen set of partners with a single point of contact, XP Sea, in total transparency for the client.

Thorough analysis of client’s needs, transcription of input data and expected ouput to avoid any misunderstandings. A study on-track right from the beginning.

Lump sum services at competitive
achieved through minimized
overhead costs and a tailored team.

General case studies

An example of a performance that breaks away from the beaten path.

Domain : Wind Propulsion

Photo credit: Septième Continent

Client : Septième Continent / Polar Pod

Ship: Perseverance

Need: Submit a technical and economic dossier to the French Administration

Phase: Ship delivery

Service:  Cost estimates of a conventionally powered vessel equivalent to Perseverance. Comparison with the costs of the sailing vessel to establish the reduction tax base.

A task force specially set up for you

Thanks to its network of experts, you gain quick and easy access to cutting-edge skills in the field of maritime engineering and benefit from a dedicated team, coordinated by XP Sea, to address your specific challenges.

Our strengths


Thanks to its network of partners, XP Sea provides you with a secure and simplified access to a range of trusted experts who can address the specific needs of your project.


In addition to its technical expertise, XP Sea brings a creative perspective to adapt the solution to your projects. Innovative, constructive and practical ideas that ultimately belong to you.


With its extensive experience, XP Sea is capable of supporting complex projects, providing a broad perspective, technical expertise and pragmatic solutions.

Adaptability / Agility

XP Sea adjusts to the context, environment and needs of your company to optimize the format of its support according to each phase of the project.